Areca Palm

moderate tolerance

(Dypsis lutescens)

Areca Palm, also referred to as the butterfly or golden cane palm, is an attractive palm perfect for creating a tropical ambiance in Florida landscapes. This fast-growing palm with its feathery, arching fronds forms a beautiful privacy screen or windbreak. It’s a common choice for lining driveways, property boundaries, or as a standalone specimen in spacious yards. The Areca Palm can also thrive indoors under the right conditions, providing an elegant, tropical touch.

  • Moderate maintenance
  • Grows up to 20 feet in height
  • Enjoys bright, indirect sunlight
  • Prefers moist, well-drained soil
  • Ideal temperature range is 65-75°F
  • Toxicity: Non-toxic to pets
  • USDA hardiness zones: 10-11
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